Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature. - Marilyn Monroe


When her legs tremble…..
theerotictypewrite said:

What is your favorite toy to use?

Well if Im honest like I’ve always been here. I only own one toy. Its a Lelo Vibrator, quite expensive but its made from hypoallergenic material which is good for your V. Plus, Im picky into what goes in my vagina, men wise and anything wise so yea. Even when I use my Lelo I don’t put it inside me, I just “tease” my opening but it never goes inside. Just like when I play with my fingers or my detachable shower head, its mostly clitoral stimulation. So, I’d say my Lelo but its really because I don’t own anything else.

fatjimmie said:

Favorite position? What makes you just errupt?

Favorite position most definitely doggy, because penetration is just way better this way, I can feel him in my stomach and he can go deeper and have the opportunity of hitting different angles.

What makes me erupt, hmmm… God I know! Whenever we’re on missionary position and the guy puts his entire weight on my body and he’s on my neck and shoulders and my legs are wrapped around his torso and he’s just moving slowly. Not taking his cock out completely but almost to that point, that. That’s just fucking amazing.

Babies, Im here, I’ll be here and I would love for you to talk to me, ask me questions, fess up something, tell me a fib, fuck with me (or fuck me). Come on, let’s entertain eachother for a while, yes? I’ll answer anything and everything, even the most darkest thing.

Who’s up for it?

;) xx


Blacks Only
I want to do this so much but my brain and every single thought Im having its blocking it. I can’t seem to relax myself enough to get myself wet or even to get wet by watching porn or entertaining myself with something. I can’t. I need sex or a sexy ass man.